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Does the employee fit the job?

By October 2, 2017No Comments

I’m a big fan of using character assessment tools — and one of my favorites is My team and I are currently using their post-employment program to help improve our communication and make me a more effective boss. The folks at ZeroRisk reminded me that the employer’s goal is to match skills and natural abilities with job function. As the saying goes, “Put square pegs in square holes!

To help reach this goal, consider how employee personalities can differ:

People Orientation

Reads people – can sense how to be effective with different individuals
Needs others to feel good
Enjoys individual interaction
Enjoys people in group settings
Prefers to not deal with the feelings and individual needs of others
Likes to help others

Results Orientation

Has good practical judgment
Likes to get things done using their hands
Enjoys solve thinking problems
Likes to apply theories to real-life problems
Prefers to think about things, rather than applying them to business issues
Likes to put things where they belong — creating or preserving order

Environment Needs

Is comfortable with a routine
Likes order, structure, and certainty
Enjoys planning and organizing
Needs variety in using creative thinking
Needs to work in a top-level, winning company

Behavioral Characteristics

Thinks out of the box
Obeys the rules, no matter what
Able to do things exactly as instructed
Able to do repetitive tasks consistently
Thinks in terms of the team and belonging to the team
Will be protective of company policies, standards, and mission

Individual Characteristics

Is an individual and needs to express their individuality
Able to handle rejection –has a thick skin
Has a lot of courage
Is passionate about their work
Able to keep secrets
Likes to be in the middle of things
Flexible in midst of change and surprises
Likes to be the center of attention
Team player – little self-glory
Accurate at knowing what they’re best suited to do
Capable in a highly competitive environment
Accurate ideas about their own strengths and weaknesses

Ambition Characteristics

Committed to personal growth
Likes to win
Needs rewards to be directly tied to their work
Driven to excel and improve
Strong sense of accountability
High achievement drive
High degree of initiative

The point is: Match the personality to the job!