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Cyber Security Awareness

How To Protect Your New Smart TV From Hackers

By December 14, 2017No Comments

The brand new Smart TV you receive for the holidays adds value to your home entertainment system. Connect it to the internet and use a remote control, smartphone or tablet to watch movies and videos, post photos to social media sites, and access apps such as Netflix and Skype. Despite its smart features, your Smart TV can be hacked. Take steps to protect your new Smart TV from hackers.

How are Smart TVs Hacked?

While technology manufactures work tirelessly to patch potential security problems in smartphone and computer technology, Smart TV manufacturers haven’t been as vigilant. Hackers can gain access to your Smart TV via an unsecure internet connection or application source codes. They can then perform several malicious or invasive tasks.

  • Steal your credit card information or identity.
  • Access your passwords.
  • Utilize voice recognition software for data-mining purposes.
  • Use your browsing history to send you targeted ads or instant advertising messages.
  • Turn the camera on and spy on your or your possessions.
  • Take over social media apps and post questionable, offensive or inappropriate content on your behalf.
  • Access and modify files.

How to Prevent Hackers

You can take several steps to deter hackers and protect your Smart TV.

  • Update firmware and patches regularly.
  • Utilize the firewalls on your Smart TV and network router.
  • Perform regular malware scans.
  • Check for data-mining language in your TV’s manual, features or settings. Turn off or disable any data sharing permissions if possible.
  • Separate your device networks. Use one for your Smart TV and another for other devices so a hacker can’t access all your internet-connected devices.
  • Exercise caution when browsing the internet. Consider reserving your TV for entertainment purposes, and use your secure smartphone or computer to browse the internet, perform online banking tasks or shop.
  • Inspect instant messages that pop up on your TV screen. Only open messages from reputable and reliable sources.
  • Cover the camera. A piece of tape or paper prevents a third party from accessing the TV’s camera and spying on you and your family.
  • Disconnect the internet. When your Smart TV is not in use, disconnect it from the internet so hackers cannot access the device.
  • Discuss ways you can secure your specific Smart TV with its manufacturer.
  • Purchase cyber insurance. It can protect you if your preventative efforts fail and a hacker uses your personal information, data or TV for unlawful purposes.

You can protect your new Smart TV from hackers when you take these preventative measures. They protect your personal information, secure your new device and protect you and your family.