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By January 8, 2018No Comments

Looking for real-time information on your company’s benefit plan(s)? You — and your employees — can probably find it online. Workers can use a home computer, tablet, or smartphone to check the details of their benefit plans (costs, options, enrollment period, etc.), review documents, and update their personal account whenever they’d like.

Employers can access plan information that is: 

Accurate. Online access makes it easy to enter data once and check for errors.

Cost-effective. One survey found that changing from manual to online enrollment in benefit plans slashed the cost from $109 to $22 per employee.

Timely. Provides instant access right from your keyboard.

Efficient. Streamlining plan information entry and access frees up employee time for more productive activities.

Private and secure. Access to information on individual plans is restricted (password protected), while company and plan administrators can monitor any unauthorized attempt to tap into plan data.

Open ended. Participants can use hyperlinks to garner information on claims procedures, directories of providers, “healthy living” guidelines, and other helpful Web-based resources.

We can work with you, and your workers, to get the most out of accessing benefit plan information (“high tech”), while providing personalized service (“high touch”).