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New Year Safety Resolutions For Your Business

By January 15, 2018No Comments

A new year has arrived, and you’re probably busy preparing your business for a successful year. Add safety to your checklist. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees suffered roughly 2.9 million workplace injuries or illnesses in 2016. Implement several safety resolutions in 2018 as you create a safe work environment.

Search for and Eliminate Hazards

Schedule a workplace inspection, and look for potential hazards.

  • Evaluate the layout, condition and safety of every work area.
  • Identify potential electrical, chemical, fire and other hazards, and decide how to address and eliminate those risks.
  • Test tools and equipment to ensure they operate properly and safely.
  • Schedule regular maintenance to ensure safety precautions remain a priority.
  • Inspect the personal protective equipment and verify that everyone is using it properly.
  • Watch how employees work and note any unsafe behaviors.
  • Schedule regular inspections throughout the year.

Involve Employees

Your business is most likely to maintain its safety standards when you involve every employee from supervisors to new hires. To keep your employees involved, consider several tips.

  • Invite suggestions for safety precautions, and take those suggestions seriously.
  • Ask employees to brainstorm techniques that improve safety.
  • Maintain an open door policy that encourages employees to report safety concerns or violations.
  • Encourage all employees to participate in training new hires on safety precautions.
  • Form safety committees to perform regular safety checks, investigate reported concerns or violations and promote safety in their individual departments and throughout the workplace.

Implement Training

Whether your business performed regular safety training in 2017 or dropped the ball on this precaution, you can implement training now and during the new year.

  • Check and follow OSHA training requirements.
  • Utilize technology such as engaging videos, computer games or online quizzes to enhance and expand the training options you offer your staff members.
  • Use interactive training techniques like demonstrations and hands-on experiences.
  • Give every employee the opportunity to participate in training discussions and to ask questions.
  • Include managers and supervisors in the trainings so they know the most current safety regulations, processes and procedures and feel comfortable teaching these safety essentials to the people they supervise.
  • Create a schedule for the rest of the year that includes safety meetings, trainings and inspections.

Reward Safe Behavior

Encourage safety when you offer rewards. With a prize or recognition on the line, your team may amp up their safety consciousness and work harder to ensure everyone follows procedures. Plus, friendly competition between departments can improve morale and engagement among all your employees.

As your business prepares for success in 2018, implement several safety resolutions. For more tips and ideas on how to teach, prioritize and maintain a safe work environment, talk to your insurance agent.