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7 Healthy Ways To Prepare For Your Life Insurance Medical Exam

By March 6, 2018No Comments

Life insurance provides financial resources for your dependents after you pass away, and it gives you peace of mind. You may need to undergo a medical exam, though, to determine your eligibility for a life insurance policy and your premium cost. Even a small reduction in your blood pressure and weight can reduce your premium, so take seven steps now to improve your health before your exam.

1. Eat a Balanced, Healthy Diet

Check your diet during the week before your medical exam. Reduce the amount of sodium, sugar, red meat and saturated fats you eat, and boost your intake of whole grains, oats, nuts, fish and vegetables. With these dietary changes, you’ll feel more alert, and your blood pressure, weight and cholesterol levels could improve.

2. Drink Water

Water hydrates your body, cleanses your digestive system, increases blood flow and improves your ability to give a urine sample. Drink plenty of water to improve your energy, too, and help you feel positive before your exam.

Alternatively, abstain from alcohol during the week before your exam. Your weight can stabilize, and you will not receive an alcoholism flag on your medical record when you avoid alcoholic beverages.

3. Follow Fasting Guidelines

If your medical exam involves a blood test, fast for 12 hours before the exam. The fast improves your blood test results and can reduce your weight.

4. Avoid Intense Exercise on Exam Day

As a rule, exercise improves your health, but intense exercise also elevates your blood pressure and urine protein levels. Relax on exam day, and save the exercise for later.

5. Dress Light and Stand Tall

Your weight-to-height ratio plays a role in your life insurance premiums, so dress light to reduce your weight and stand tall to increase your height.

6. Stay Calm

Stress, anxiety and frustration affect your digestive system and elevate your blood pressure. Attempt to stay calm during the week before your medical exam for the best test results.

7. Postpone the Blood Pressure Test

You may feel nervous about your medical exam, and those nerves can increase your blood pressure. Ask the examiner if you can wait until the end of your exam for the blood pressure test. By then, you should feel calmer and more comfortable.

With these seven tips, you can pass your life insurance medical exam and hopefully improve your premiums. However, you may also discuss your health with your insurance agent for advice. Life insurance provides for your dependents and gives you peace of mind, and you definitely want to purchase adequate and affordable coverage.