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FMLA Claim Denied Due to Employee Caused Confusion

Maria Escriba worked in a Foster Poultry Farms, Inc. (Foster Farms) processing plant in Turlock, California for 18 years. She was terminated in 2007 for failing to comply with the company’s “three day no-show, no-call rule” after the end of a previously approved period of leave, which she took to care for her ailing father… Read more »

People, Robots and Technology

People are losing jobs to robots and technology at an accelerating rate. Have you used one of those self-serve checkout stands lately? One was installed at my local CVS only 3 months ago. Awkward at first but seems like old hat now. The manager there told me the new system allowed him to let two… Read more »

Editor’s Column: Mindful HR

Mindfulness is fast becoming a buzzword. Long the bastion of the new agers, it is showing up in everything from the Wall Street Journal to the World Economic Forum. Mindfulness has been championed as a methodology for present moment awareness. Awareness that is neither judgmental nor critical… but simply aware. There is a growing body… Read more »

What is a business owners policy (BOP)?

Historically, the insurance industry wanted to design a policy for small, typical Main Street businesses. These businesses had some property, maybe their building and stock, and low risk of liability claims. Insurance companies designed the BOP for these businesses whereby the insured bought a package which included property, liability, some crime coverage, and other incidental… Read more »

What is pay as you go workers compensation?

Sometimes called pay as you owe, pay as you go workers compensation helps smooth the audit process and provides cash flow to the business. Workers compensation premiums are calculated by multiplying the rate by each one hundred dollars in payroll. Historically, workers compensation premiums were estimated in the beginning of the policy year; and audited… Read more »

Do umbrella policies broaden my business automobile and general liability coverage?

Yes. The most obvious addition is worldwide coverage for automobile liability. Typical business automobile policies cover drivers in the United States, its possessions and Canada. The umbrella policy does not have this restriction. Umbrellas serve to add layers of liability in one million dollar increments. These layers are written in excess of your general liability… Read more »

Can loss control costs be justified? Experience rating sets the cost of losses going into the future.

How does experience rating work? Okay, this discussion will get a bit technical. Price setters in the insurance business, underwriters, assess the risk associated with an account and then calculate a premium. They look at factors such as the types of items covered (the schedule) and past losses. Schedule credits apply to multiple cars, multiple… Read more »


Forklifts have revolutionized the construction industry. However, using them creates the risk of serious injury and death for drivers, other employees, and pedestrians. although following the rules for forklift operation – safety checks, maintenance inspections, and so on –are time consuming, they’re essential for workplace safety. To help ensure that your construction projects stay productive… Read more »


As an independent contractor, you carry insurance to protect yourself against financial liability from your work. Many jobs require contractors to show that they have a pollution liability policy, which will pay for bodily injury and property damage claims, as well as the expenses of cleaning up toxic waste materials –costs that a standard general… Read more »