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Fundamentals of ADA Accommodation

Given the ever expanded concept of what constitutes a disability, employers will continue to face an ever growing compliance challenge. Here are some basics to be remembered: Knowledge of the need to accommodate an employee can come from numerous sources including a work comp claims manager, a company supervisor or manager, HR, the employee themselves,… Read more »

So Who Will Get the Raise?

Last year the consumer price index increase was 1.6%. It is scheduled to be closer to 2% in 2014. Therefore if an employee wants to get ahead in life they need to get a raise of at least 2% According to a survey by Towers Watson Data Services employers are planning to increase wages an… Read more »

General Safety Obligations for Employers

OSHA laws apply to every workplace. Here are the primary employer responsibilities according to OSHA: Employers must provide their employees with a workplace that does not have serious hazards and follow all OSHA safety and health standards. Employers must find and correct safety and health problems. OSHA further requires employers to eliminate or reduce hazards… Read more »

EDITOR’S COLUMN: Growing Concerns about Employee Retention

Over the years we surveyed the thousands of companies that use HR That Works. Hiring somebody they can trust has been the number one concern of most companies. The second and third concerns have everything to do with the economy. Prior to the 2009 recession, employee retention was the second greatest concern with employee productivity… Read more »

Personal Pick-up Use in Business

The personal automobile policy does not anticipate primary business use of a pick-up truck. Does it allow infrequent use of pick-ups to haul business supplies or furnishings? Arguably yes for every form of personal automobile. Does it anticipate a pick-up truck wrapped in corporate logos and phone numbers? No. As a business owner, you are… Read more »

Do you know if you’re providing a service or product?

Sounds like a simple question, right? It’s not. Yet, it’s fundamental to insuring your business. Consider a software developer. If they develop an application or program that widely applies and it’s sold to the general public, it’s a product. If it’s developed for a unique user, it’s a service. The difference from an insurance perspective… Read more »

Fire Extinguishers – when to replace them and how to locate them

Your maintenance schedule should include annual fire extinguisher checks and replacements. Since you check your smoke detectors monthly, you can split the building into four fire zones and service one zone per quarter if budgeting is an issue. Contract a professional service to check and recharge fire extinguishers. Currently, the market for new units is… Read more »

Cost Containment: how experience rating values safety

Workers’ compensation cost containment begins with loss control and safety fundamentals. The frequency of accidents – how many per hours worked/payroll/days – is a much better safety indicator than the severity – extent of injury – of the injury. Theoretically, if the company has many accidents, it’s a function of time before they have a… Read more »