Monthly Archives: September 2014

Executive Physicals

The question “Can we still provide executive physicals or is that now considered discriminatory?” was posed to the ThinkHR Hotline team recently. Here is the answer provided: There are existing regulations under the Internal Revenue Code Section 105(h) nondiscrimination rules that allow benefits for “medical diagnostic procedures” to be paid to highly compensated employees without… Read more »

Making Ethics a Cornerstone of Your Company Culture

Ethical workplaces start with the leadership of a company. Leaders play a critical role in creating and maintaining a company culture and fostering an environment that supports ethical practices. In small businesses, leaders are typically more visible to employees, and the manner in which they model the organization’s ethics and values is readily observable to… Read more »

Handling Suspected Employee Drug Use

How does an employer handle a potential issue where an employee is suspected to be using illegal drugs? While you would want to have “just cause” or reasonable suspicion prior to “accusing” an employee in this case, nothing bars you from having a conversation about observed behavior in the work place. Exercise caution as to… Read more »

Editor’s Column: Six Techniques You Can Consider Using Before Your Next Presentation

Whether you’re making a sales presentation or one to your executive team, here are some tips I have learned speaking to hundreds of groups that can help your presentations. Be yourself – Don’t try to copycat another person’s style. If you’re humorous by nature then bring that into your presentation. If you’re historic by nature… Read more »

LEEDS and Risk Management

LEEDS protocols can be tough taskmasters. The increased record keeping and verification requirements stagger an already paper-choked industry. So how can you comply with LEEDS in a risk managed culture? First, organize. Separate the LEEDS protocol into two main concerns. Materials, products and installation issues; and waste and recycling issues. Check deliverables for compliance, waste… Read more »

Brownfield Sites: coordinate civil and environmental engineering or pay later

Brownfield sites are environmentally impacted properties which have been okayed for development based on risk assessment rather than strict regulatory compliance. So, if it’s cleared, what can go wrong? Coordination Problem #1: If the cut soil cannot be reused on the site, and it is impacted soil, you still pay an environmental tipping fee at… Read more »

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance: how’s your estimating skill?

Getting the job. It’s a tough task where too much optimism can cost dearly, too little can cost receiving the bid. If too many low bids occur, who’s responsible to the stockholders? Because the construction industry works by a bidding system rather than a negotiated contract, errors can be difficult to remedy. Leaving out the… Read more »

When Can I Use Unemployment Insurance?

Most employers have to carry unemployment insurance on their employees. Do you really understand, though, when you can use your unemployment insurance benefits? Knowing the answer to this question can help you make important decisions about using this coverage. What is Unemployment Insurance? Unemployment Insurance is designed to help you cover expenses when you’re between… Read more »

What Exclusions Does My Disability Insurance Include?

If your employer offers disability insurance, you can use it when you become injured or too ill to work. You need to know the exclusions, though, as you understand the coverage and payment this insurance offers. Otherwise, you could become disabled and be unable to take advantage of your insurance policy. Short-Term and Long-Term Disability… Read more »