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Motivate the Demotivated

Employer after employer is faced with hiring low wage earners who are seldom motivated toward high performance. Except for workplace newbies, most low wage earners are there precisely because of their lack of motivation, creating a classic Catch-22 for employers. If it’s true, as the saying goes, that “I’d rather have ignorance on fire than… Read more »

FMLA and Continued Benefits

This question was recently asked of the ThinkHR Hotline team: What benefits must be continued while an employee is on Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave? What should we do with an employee who is not making his share of the copayments while out on leave? Their expert answer: Family and Medical Leave Act… Read more »

Rejecting Treating Doctor’s Opinion Could Violate ADA

An employer who rejected the return-to-work release issued by an employee’s treating physician in favor of its own doctor’s conflicting opinion may have violated the Americans with Disabilities Act. Facts of the Case: In Williams v. Baltimore City Community College, an employee with a degenerative eye disease took leave under the Family and Medical Leave… Read more »

Editor’s Column: Frustrated with HR People

I find myself frustrated because companies and those in the HR Function won’t allow me to help them as much as I can. I’m frustrated when I see the trivial feud of HR Executives truly trying to make a difference and be excellent. I’m frustrated when I speak and exhibit at a conference and the… Read more »

Key Man Insurance

7655 Key Man Insurance Small and medium-sized businesses often have employees that are “stars.” Sometimes the star is the CEO or president, other times there is a salesperson who consistently outsells every other sales team member by a two to one margin. A software company has a star coder whose ideas led to your product… Read more »

Protection from Risks on the Internet

Does your business have a website, a presence on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) or anywhere else on the Internet where consumers can express their point of view you post responses? If you do, you need a Special Insurance Policy to cover you, your employees, and your company from claims of defamation (slander and… Read more »

Cold Weather Work Safety Tips

With summer over, cold wet weather is not far away. Workplace safety is important for those workers who are outdoors working. Unfavorable weather conditions can cause health problems that are severe such as frostbite and hypothermia. In addition to cold and wet weather, wind is also a danger. With a blowing or gusty wind, cold… Read more »

Things You Don’t About Your Construction Company’s Workers Compensation

Required by law, Workman’s Compensation Insurance, usually, called worker’s comp protects your employees from injury, illness, and even death that is work related. Shop Around Using statistics from The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) insurers determine high and low risk industries. Within the industry, individual employer safety records help when determining a specific insured’s… Read more »