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Umbrella Policies: Protection From More than Rain

Businesses and wage earners need an “umbrella policy” also called an “excess liability policy”. These policies kick in when your personal or your business liability policy limits max out. First, let’s look at excess commercial liability insurance known also as a Commercial Umbrella Policy. These policies protect you, your business and its employees from legal… Read more »

CGL (Commercial General Liability) or BOP (Business Owners Policy)?

If you are a startup business or a growing business, chances are you purchased the least amount of insurance so your cash flow stayed manageable. Often, after your first meeting with your insurance agent, or bought your insurance online, you haven’t had the time to have an insurance expert go over your insurance portfolio. Commercial… Read more »

Risk Management Investments or Insurance Expenses – how to decide where to spend the money

Risk management is a process by which business risks are identified, analyzed, engineered, reduced, eliminated or transferred. Often, insurance is the final transfer of risk. Certain risks point to insurance solutions, for example large liability limits for products or automobile exposures. Other risks immediately point to engineering or operational risk management. Think of insurance as… Read more »

Question of the Month: Travel Policies

We were recently asked “We are currently revamping our travel policy and are looking for feedback as well as helpful hints or examples. A few specific items are, potential client lunches/dinner pertaining to alcohol limits and pricing and hotel star rating with average price per night.” Response: Employers often question us about the protocols around… Read more »


Organizations that pay employees severance not otherwise owed under policy or prior agreement, often require employees to sign a separation agreement releasing all claims against the employer in exchange for the severance. Because of prior challenges to such agreements by the EEOC, those separation agreements now include a specific provision protecting employees’ right to file… Read more »

Not So Sweet: EEOC Targets Honeywell International, Inc.’s Wellness Program

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) has set its sights on employers’ wellness programs, which many organizations have set up as a way of encouraging employees to adopt healthier lifestyles and improve productivity, reduce absenteeism due to illness, and control health insurance costs. The EEOC’s latest action against Honeywell International, Inc. (“Honeywell”) is evidence that… Read more »

Editor’s Column: The Wrong Way to Respond to Sexual Harassment Allegations

The case of In re: Beth V. Beth V., Appellant, v. New York State Office of Children & Family Services et al., Respondents. Workers’ Compensation Board, Respondent was an appeal from a decision by the New York State Workers Compensation Board that settlement proceeds from an employment lawsuit against the company should offset any workers… Read more »

Two Weird Conditions for Which Employers of Construction Workers Are Potentially Not Liable for Injury

Construction sites are dangerous places. Not only do contractors comply with the state worker’s compensation laws, they also follow the mandates for construction company owners regulated by the Occupational and Health Safety Administration (OSHA). In most state’s, construction employees have the “exclusive remedy” of coverage provided by worker’s compensation. But, construction sites are usually busy… Read more »

Rigging and Scaffolding Safety

Construction workers, painting contractors, and window washers are some of the industries that use scaffolding and rigging. Although this equipment is for worker safety, it is also the source of many injury and fatality claims including injuries to passersby.. Even though insurance such as worker’s compensation and General Construction Liability Insurance (CGL) or a Business… Read more »