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Leave and the ADA

One of the more confusing reasonable accommodation issues that employers must handle under the ADA is permitting the use of accrued paid leave, or providing unpaid leave, when an employee’s disability necessitates it. The concept can be difficult to grasp because it doesn’t align with the idea of providing an accommodation that keeps an employee… Read more »

Handling Suspected Employee Drug Use

A problem faced by everyone from Highway Patrol Officers to employers is what does it mean to be “under the influence “and how can you test for it? Unlike alcohol, no breathalyzer can be used. At least not yet. All you can determine is marijuana is in the bloodstream (and it can last up to… Read more »

How Do You Maintain a Drug-Free Workforce in Marijuana-Legal States?

First it was just for “medicinal” use. Now it’s expanding to “recreational” use. Either way it is causing headaches for employer in pro-marijuana states. 23 U.S. states have legalized medical marijuana, with Colorado and Washington voting to legalize recreational marijuana in 2012 for those 21 and older. Voters in Oregon, a state which allows medical… Read more »

Editors Column: Thinking about Training

I read with great interest Training Magazines Top 125 in 2015. Here’s what I noticed:   Award-winning companies spend an average of roughly 6% of payroll on training. For a $40,000 a year employee that’s roughly $2400. Which is more than twice the normal training spend of $1200 according to Association for Training and Development…. Read more »

Environmental Issues Left Behind: Document These Conditions To Save Claims Later.

Environmental liability, as a legal issue, is in its infancy; but maturing quickly. The challenge for contractors involves staying ahead of the evidence chain. Since you don’t know what hidden environmental tort will arise next, prevention and documentation protocols challenge your risk manager. The following list includes our best guesses: Moisture Document the moisture content… Read more »

Inland Marine Coverage – Useful On-Site Forms

For inland marine purposes, all terms such as contracting or equipment take on broad interpretations and definitions. Equipment means any tool, vehicle, material, supplies, or machine that serves in the trade of the policy holder and is not fit for highway use. Highway use becomes fuzzy when empty vehicles are highway legal but the fully… Read more »

Umbrella Liability: Why It’s Important To Contractors

General liability forms now contain some detailed and extensive exclusions of coverage, particularly for contractors. The automobile exclusion is a few sentences while the environmental exclusions or personal injury wording can exceed a full policy page. We draw a distinction here between excess liability and umbrella liability. Excess follows the underlying coverage form, it extends… Read more »

Five Ways to Support Parents of a Child With Special Needs

One in 68 children is diagnosed with autism according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. April is Autism Awareness month, and it’s the perfect time to look around your workplace. How many parents have a child with a physical, mental or emotional disability? You can support these parents in five ways.   Provide… Read more »

Are Workers Comp Benefits Taxable Income?

While every state operates under different workers comp laws and regulations, most employers are required to carry workers comp coverage. It typically pays two-thirds of your regular income, and workers comp benefits cover medical treatment associated with work injuries.   Workers comp is usually temporary, but you can receive it for an extended time period… Read more »