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Top Ways Dental Health Improves Work Performance

Dental health affects your workplace productivity in several ways. Understand the links as you prioritize your health and your job performance. Lower Your Heart Disease Risk Doctors, dentists and scientists have found that gum disease is linked to a variety of cardiovascular ailments. While your oral health won’t cause heart disease, stroke or blood vessel… Read more »

Curing an Insufficient FMLA Notices- Employers Beware

The case of Deborah HANSLER v. LEHIGH VALLEY HOSPITAL NETWORK shows how employers can get in trouble with FMLA regulations-even where an employee provides and insufficient medical notice. Deborah  Hansler was hired by Lehigh Valley Health Network (“Lehigh Valley”) in 2011 to work as a technical partner. In early March 2013, Hansler experienced shortness of breath, nausea,… Read more »

EEOC’s “Reverse” National Origin Discrimination Suit Survives Motion to Dismiss

By: Michael A. Warner and Patrick M. DePoy This week, a federal district court ruled that the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) made sufficient factual allegations of intentional discrimination against a local farming company to survive a motion to dismiss. What makes this case unusual is that the EEOC alleges discrimination against U.S.-born workers, a departure… Read more »

Tell ‘Em About It: Educating the Workforce about the ADA & Accommodations

The 25th anniversary of the signing of the ADA offers an opportune time to encourage businesses to educate the workforce about the ADA and disability employment issues. Informing employees, beyond simply posting an equal opportunity poster, can benefit businesses by creating a more knowledgeable and inclusive workforce, reducing the likelihood of discrimination through awareness, and… Read more »

Editors Column: The Importance of EPLI

According to insurance industry estimates, fewer than 50% of companies carry EPLI. While most large companies carry it, the smaller the employer, the lower the percentage of coverage. This mirrors feedback I get from CEO’s I speak to nationwide. Although the cost of coverage varies, a $1 million policy with a $10,000 deductible usually costs… Read more »

Managing Random Chance

No matter how dedicated you may be to workplace safety, you will never totally eliminate the possibility of danger. That’s why you have insurance, after all. If you could guarantee a 100% safe and riskless work environment, you wouldn’t need to take out a policy. Unfortunately, life just doesn’t work that way. A worker with… Read more »

Take Note

The memory is a fascinating thing. There’s an interesting breakdown of how memories work at if you have the time and interest to read it, and if you don’t, we’ll break down the article’s key points:   The Different Types of Memory The brain is not a tape recorder, it’s more like an oral history…. Read more »

5 Things to Stop Being Lax About

Safety is in the details. Not to say that things like fire drills, on-site medical staff and building maintenance aren’t important, but accidents are frequently caused by minor things creating a domino effect leading to serious injury. Here are five “no big deal” safety concerns that we would be well-advised to treat with a little… Read more »

Authorization Required

There aren’t that many “top secret” construction projects. Maybe you’ll be asked to build a toolshed for the President someday, or you’ll install toilets in the pentagon, but… probably not. That being said, it is nevertheless of the utmost importance that, with rare exception, only those who are a direct part of a project should… Read more »

The Dangers of a Tight Schedule

There are many benefits to sticking to a schedule. When workers, engineers and foremen can see their work come to completion exactly as planned, it’s satisfying for everyone involved. It also helps keep costs down and investors feeling confident. However, planning doesn’t come easily to most people, and the costs can be disastrous. Most people… Read more »