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Are Driverless Cars At Risk Of Cyberattacks?

If someone steals your credit card number, you can report it missing and get a new one. If someone hacks into your email, you can change your password. What do you do if you’re riding in a self-driving car that gets hacked? We’ve all seen that part in Batman Returns where the Penguin hacks into the… Read more »

Tips for Handling Job Stress

As many as one-fourth of employees report that their jobs are stressors, and job problems If you experience job stress, learn how to handle it so that you can stay healthy and happy at work. Side Effects of Job Stress Infrequent job stress is uncomfortable but usually doesn’t cause long-term problems. However, chronic job stress… Read more »

Top 10 Health Risks for Women

More than one in 10 women over 18 years of age are in fair to poor health, reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Know the top 10 health risks women face as you protect yourself and the women you love on May 8, Mother’s Day, and every day. Heart Disease The leading cause… Read more »

12 Key Benefits of a Health Savings Account

A health savings account (HSA) covers your current and future medical expenses. It’s a smart investment since it provides 12 key benefits. You control the account. That means you decide all the details, including how much to contribute (there are limits), the bank that handles the account and how to spend the money. You also… Read more »

Options When Your Term Life Insurance Policy Ends

Whether it’s your favorite chocolate pie, dream vacation or honeymoon, every good thing eventually ends. The same principle also applies to your term life insurance policy. Most term life insurance policies last for 10 to 30 years. Check your policy or talk to your agent to see how long of a term you chose when… Read more »

Examples of Equal Opportunity Laws in the Workplace

Equal opportunity employment laws prohibit workplace discrimination and harassment. There are federal, state and local laws that ensure equal opportunities, and these laws apply to potential and current employees in companies with four or more employees. Discover several examples of equal employment opportunity laws as you evaluate your workplace. Equal Opportunity History The Equal Employment… Read more »

Should You Save For Retirement When You’re Between Jobs

Retirement savings is probably the last thing you think of when you’re between jobs. But your future retirement doesn’t disappear because you don’t have a steady income. Consider the pros and cons of saving for retirement even if you aren’t currently employed. Don’t Dip Into Your Retirement Savings Nearly half of all workers withdraw funds… Read more »

Alternatives to a Traditional Funeral

Planning a funeral is probably not high on your to-do list. However, you purchase life insurance to care of your loved ones, and pre-planning your funeral relieves your loved ones of this difficult task. You can even customize your funeral and tell guests to wear your favorite color, donate to your favorite charity or sing… Read more »

How (And Why) Do ISP’s Track Piracy?

When it comes to piracy through web torrents, the truth is that you’re probably never going to go to jail for it. A handful of private downloaders have been hit with heavy penalties in order to make an example of them, but the government simply does not have the resources to go after everyone on the… Read more »

Is It Legal To Mod Your Own Hardware?

Modding hardware is a tricky subject. Obviously, if you weren’t allowed to mod any computer hardware, everyone who’s ever built their own computer from parts or installed extra RAM would be in big trouble. But then there are issues like jailbreaking phones or modding a video game console to play pirated games. Those subjects are a little trickier…. Read more »