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7 Things to Consider as You Plan Evacuations

Evacuation plans are essential for your small business as you protect your staff, customers and visitors. Consider seven factors as you plan your evacuations. With this checklist, everyone can exit peacefully and safely. List Conditions that may Force an Evacuation Weather, fire, terrorism, toxic material release, workplace violence, civil disturbances and other conditions may force… Read more »

Ways Awful Customers Put Your Business at Risk

Many small businesses operate by the quote, “The customer is always right.” That mantra doesn’t apply to awful customers, though. They put your business at risk in several ways. Off-Color Jokes or Sexual Harassment Any kind of off-color jokes or sexual harassment could result in lawsuits by your staff or other customers. You can’t afford… Read more »

Protect Your Website From Hackers With 13 Tips

Security in your small business must include your website. Otherwise, hackers can gain valuable information about your finances, customers and employees and put you at legal risk. Since hackers target businesses of all sizes, use 13 tips to protect your website. Complete software updates. They seem insignificant, but they keep your security updated. Set your… Read more »

How Your Small Business Can Ruin Your Personal Credit

Your small business expenses and personal expenses should stay separate. However, it’s easy to spend business funds for personal expenses, which can affect your personal credit. Understand the business credit mistakes that put your personal credit at risk. Start or Fund Your Business With Personal Credit Cards To get your business of the ground, you… Read more »

Home Heater Safety Tips

Cooler temperatures have arrived, and it’s time to turn on your heater. Be safe and protect your family and home with these home heater safety tips Use Only Approved Heating Sources Certain heating sources should never be used to keep your family and home warm. They include the stove or candles. Your risk of carbon… Read more »

Driving Etiquette Tips

In your vehicle, it’s easy to feel like you’re secluded from everyone else on the road. Your vehicle is one of many on the road, though. Above all else, you must always prioritize safety and use these etiquette tips. Obey the Rules of the Road Every rule of the road applies to you, so obey… Read more »

Gun Safety for Kids

Gun safety is essential for adults and kids whether you own a gun or not and if you live in the city, suburbs or rural farm. You owe it to your kids to teach them gun safety tips now. Guns Are Not Toys In video games and cartoons, characters shoot other people and no one… Read more »

Insurance for Destination Weddings

Your wedding only happens once in a lifetime. Make it special when you tie the knot in an exotic destination. Whether you choose the beach, mountains or cathedral, understand what insurance coverage you need for your destination wedding. Cancellation or Rearrangement Despite all your planning, you can’t always control every detail of your wedding event…. Read more »

Pros and Cons of Mortgage Life Insurance

Life insurance provides financial assistance for your family after your death. With it, your family can pay your final expenses, repay debt or save for college. It’s also beneficial for repaying the mortgage, which allows your family to stay in their home. As an alternative to a term or whole life insurance policy, consider mortgage… Read more »

Reasons to Buy Life Insurance For Your Kids

As a parent, you do everything possible to care for your kids. Life insurance can be one product that provides for their future. Consider several reasons why you should buy life insurance for your children. Ensure Future Insurability Many life insurance policies require applicants to take a medical exam. Medical conditions can prevent you from… Read more »