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Planning a Company Outing? Reduce liabilities with some sound planning.

First, decide whether an outside professional group will plan the event or an internal group within the company.  The external group has advantages regarding reducing liability, but budget is a factor. Regardless of the above choice, areas of concern include: •             Is attendance mandatory or voluntary? •             Are family members or customers invited? •             Alcohol… Read more »

“Helpful” Worms and White Hat Nuisances

By definition, there’s nothing really wrong with viruses. They’re just self-replicating, that’s all. If the cash in your wallet was self-replicating, you probably wouldn’t complain. Virus researcher Fred Cohen has even put out a $1,000 bounty for the first developer who can come up with a truly helpful virus. So far, he hasn’t paid out, but theoretically, a… Read more »

False Fears and Legitimate Threats

The main thing to keep in mind when comparing real threats to false flags: The most boring interpretation of the truth is usually the one that’s closest to being correct. Remember Y2K? Everyone was worried that turning our computer clocks over from 1999 to 2000 was going to crash the whole system and leave the… Read more »


The federal Internet Crime Complaint Center received more than 330,000 complaints in 2009, and more than a third of them ended up in the hands of law enforcement. The damages from those referred to the authorities totaled more than a half billion dollars. The Government Accountability Office estimated that cyber crime cost U.S. organizations $67.2… Read more »

Cybersecurity Risk Management: Should You Delegate It?

The recent security breach at Sony underscored not only the need for better security in protecting sensitive internal documents and information, but also the appalling lack of care being taken on an individual level to protect passwords and take other steps to protect (or remove) sensitive conversations and data. Despite a litany of other widespread… Read more »

Safety Committees: Why the CEO should be a member

Safety reflects the culture of the business.  Top leadership needs to take charge of the culture, to define it. The best safety committees are chaired by a specified point person who reports outside of the committee to the CEO. Why this arrangement?  The CEO does not dictate safety measures. Some safety rules and regulations are… Read more »

Driving Records: review them often

Automobile accidents are the number one cause of liability claims in business.  Automobile related claims, especially drivers under the influence of alcohol and youthful operators, are the most devastating to families as well. Every risk manager and fleet manager needs to check drivers’ records frequently. Quarterly is not too frequent. Sounds overly intrusive or expensive? … Read more »