Monthly Archives: March 2018

Small Heart-Healthy Changes To Make With The Whole Family

March gives your family the perfect opportunity to talk about love and improve your heart health. Involve your entire family in making positive changes when you take several small heart-healthy steps. Find Free Time for Active Movement Whether you have 15 minutes after dinner or several hours on the weekends, exercise and activity improve your… Read more »

How Much Cyber Liability Insurance Should A Business Purchase

Cyber breaches that affect big businesses make the news, but over 60 percent of all cyber breaches target small and medium-sized businesses. Because you must protect your business, no matter what its size, purchase adequate cyber liability insurance. What is Cyber Liability Insurance? When your business suffers a data breach, you can file a cyber liability… Read more »

Security Tips That Protect Your Website From Hackers

Your company’s website shares information about your business and promotes sales. Hackers can access your website and wreak havoc on your business, though, as they steal customer data, post negative messages to customers or destroy records. As you lock your company’s doors every day, implement several tips as you protect your website, your reputation and business…. Read more »

The Dangers Of Fake Business Reviews

Before visiting a business, 90 percent of consumers read online reviews. Your company needs online reviews, but your business could suffer if you encourage or allow fake reviews to populate the internet. Understand the dangers of fake reviews as you build and protect your company. What are Fake Reviews? As a business owner, you may solicit… Read more »

How To Protect Your Home’s Water Pipes All Winter

Your home’s pipes deliver water to the kitchen and bathrooms. These pipes could freeze during harsh cold winter weather, though, and leave you without water for meals, showers and other activities, which affects your health and wellbeing. Take several steps to prevent frozen pipes, and know how to thaw frozen pipes properly as you protect your… Read more »

Tips That Protect Customer Information In Your Open Office

Your customers entrust their personal data to you and your company. Your employees may easily share information, though, particularly if you operate an open office with little privacy. Protect your customers’ information and identities when you follow several tips. Collect Only the Data you Need Unless you need a customer’s driver’s license number or Social… Read more »

Ways To Secure Your Virtual Payment Terminal

With a virtual payment terminal, you can take payments over the internet. Not only will you boost sales, but you’ll also offer convenience to your customers. Your virtual payment terminal may be vulnerable to security risks, though, so follow several tips as you reduce liability and protect your customers and business. What is a Virtual Payment… Read more »

Avoid Computer Eye Strain

Employees who work all day at a computer are at risk for eyestrain. To help your workers protect themselves, we recommend that they follow these basic precautions. Look away from the monitor for 30 seconds, every 15 or 20 minutes. Look at or scan things at least 20 feet away to allow your eyes to… Read more »

What You Need To Know About Employee Sick Leave

Federal laws may not mandate that your employer gives you sick leave, but some statesrequire it, and individual employers may offer this benefit as part of a comprehensive benefits package. Learn more about this valuable benefit as you maximize your employee sick leave. What is Employee Sick Leave? If you’re ill or injured, you can’t perform to… Read more »