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Understanding COBRA: Involuntary Terminations

Many employers have grappled with defining “involuntary termination” under COBRA. According to a recent IRS bulletin, here are the standards. Note: These questions apply solely for purposes of determining whether there is an involuntary termination under section 3001 of ARRA (including new Code sections added by section 3001 of ARRA — but not for any… Read more »

Differences Between Mutual Funds and Life Insurance

When providing for your family’s future, you rely on investment vehicles that grow and protect your funds. Mutual funds and life insurance are two options. Compare both choices as you select the investment vehicle that best provides for your family. What are Mutual Funds? You may deposit money into a variety of mutual funds, including… Read more »

Your Attitude Towards Becoming Disabled Depends on Your Profession

A new study by MassMutual Life Insurance Company suggests that your chosen profession could indicate how you react to the thought of a potential disability. MassMutual commissioned Harris Interactive during September 2006 to conduct a Web survey of 1,023 U.S. career professionals to determine how they would react to a prolonged loss of income due… Read more »

529 Plans Versus Life Insurance for College Savings

Many parents purchase 529 plans that allow them to save for their children’s’ college education. Life insurance is another savings vehicle for children, so compare both plans as you choose the best option for your child’s future education. 529 Plans 529 Plans are a unique way to save for your child’s college education. The money… Read more »

How Trusts Can Protect Your Assets

Most people do not look forward to planning the distribution of assets upon their death. However, it is a task that all of us must face. And, that’s where trusts enter the estate-planning arena. A trust is simply an arrangement whereby one person holds legal title to an asset and manages it for the benefit… Read more »

Salary Continuation Plans

Salary continuation plans offer your company an invaluable resource for attracting and retaining key employees. Whether you work in Human Resources or are a key executive, understand salary continuation plans and how they work. What is a Salary Continuation Plan? Companies may offer salary continuation plans to key employees or executives as a supplement to… Read more »

Elderly Need to Be Aware of Schemes and Fraud

No one likes to believe that, in our society, there are predators who take advantage of individuals who are the least able to defend themselves. However, the sad truth is that across America every year, millions of seniors are hoodwinked by fraud, scams, and swindlers. These common scams can happen in the home or at… Read more »

Understanding Roth IRA

Saving for retirement is important for your financial future. Consider a Roth IRA because it offers five benefits. What is a Roth IRA? A Roth IRA allows you to contribute up to $5,500 ($6,500 for consumers over the age of 50) per year. You receive no tax benefits when you contribute, but the contributions and… Read more »

Conversion Options for Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is temporary, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Most term life policies sold today can be converted to permanent whole life or universal life which will provide coverage until you die and can offer significant advantages. When you convert from term life to permanent, you won’t have to answer questions… Read more »

Understand Critical Illness Insurance

Medical advances keep us healthier. However, debilitating illnesses still affect thousands of people, and the costs of treating those illnesses cause many medical bankruptcies. With critical illness insurance, you may get the treatment you need, keep your home and other assets, and spend time with your family. Critical Illness Insurance Coverage Dozens of medical conditions,… Read more »