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By July 1, 2012No Comments

To help you make sure make sure that your business has the right Commercial Auto policy at the right price, we’d recommend following these guidelines:

Make sure to cover all vehicles that your employees drive on company business. This could include vehicles that employees own, lease, or rent – as well as those that the company owns.

Determine whether you need Personal or Commercial Auto insurance. You might be able to save money by covering vehicles with a less expensive Personal Auto policy in some situations — for example, by registering title to a vehicle in your name. However, if the company owns the vehicle, you’ll need Commercial Auto coverage. Bear in mind that a Personal Auto policy should include the contents of the vehicle, as well as medical costs if a driver suffers an injury on company business.

Be sure to comparison shop. Because every insurance company sets Commercial Auto premiums and coverages in its own way, prices (and values) can vary significantly. Because we represent a variety of companies, we can offer professional advice on finding a policy that’s tailored to your needs — and pocketbook. Just give us a call.