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Now that we are hitting winter hours and get even less sunlight…it’s time to light it up! Employees who work in buildings without windows or in cubicles in the middle of a floor are susceptible to light deprivation disorder (LDD). Study after study has shown the benefit of increasing employee’s exposure to sunlight and non-fluorescent… Read more »


In today’s knowledge economy, you need well-trained workers to leverage your bottom line. Training can be either technically or emotionally based. Although it’s relatively easy to provide technical instruction through written or computer-based resources, emotional training often requires people to communicate with each other directly, often in conjunction with online training. To develop and maintain… Read more »


Demographic studies reinforce our daily experience: it’s getting harder and harder to find good employees — but not for everyone! Whether you’re a local contractor or national airline, there’s an employer of choice in every market; these companies find good people knocking on their door because they enjoy a high Attractiveness Factor. For example, Southwest… Read more »


Recruitment bonuses can be a powerful tool for growing your workforce. To set an effective price point for employee referral bonuses, consider: The cost of using recruiters (up to 25% of the employee’s first-year salary) The rate of turnover in the position The income generated by the position How strong the need is to find… Read more »

Independent Contractors and Certificates of Insurance

More former employee status jobs are becoming independent contractor assignments. Companies have various reasons for this transition, liability is the main reason. Whether liability for the employer’s share of social security or completed operations, employers decrease risks through changing employee status to independent contractor. Liability, however, flows upstream. If the contractor has insufficient funds or… Read more »

Company Pets

In the modern, younger, more relaxed era of office life, company pets are becoming more popular. And why not? Hotels have dog concierges and rent a pet. Homeowners’ policies have used canine exclusions for years, particularly after the dog’s first bite victim claims bodily injuries. General liability policies follow suit. What are the concerns with… Read more »

Environmental Liability and the Start-up Company

Why should every start-up company consider environmental liability coverage? The harmless products and processes of the past have emerged as dangerous long-term pathogens of the present many times – lead-based paint, asbestos, even cigarettes. Start-ups begin with a new idea, product or service which cannot, by the nature of business, be thoroughly time-tested. As an… Read more »

Employee Benefits Communications

Do you communicate company benefits to your employees? Life, health, 401K, dental, paid vacations, days off or holidays? You should communicate, in writing, these benefits to your employees at least annually so they understand the cost of these benefits. Many companies already explain costs and benefits to employees. How about these benefits? 1. Company share… Read more »

Obesity and the Construction Trades

Obesity has just become a disease. But how is obesity defined? The current definition is twenty percent more weight than the ideal weight for an individual’s height and weight. A six-foot one-inch man weighing 216 pounds is considered obese. Typically, some big people who are muscled from labor are on sites. This definition will almost… Read more »

What is OCP coverage?

Owners and Contractors Protective Liability (OCP) coverage form addresses the vicarious nature of some liability issues. When an owner orders a subcontractor to complete work, and property damage or bodily injury to a non-employee occurs, the subcontractor is liable. But suppose the injured party sues the owner too. The owner will not have liability coverage… Read more »