Monthly Archives: February 2015

15 for ’15: Employment and Labor Resolutions for the Coming Year

While the year is still young, here are 15 resolutions that employers may want to make:   Make sure your “independent contractors” are really independent contractors. “Independent contractors” are under scrutiny by the Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. Department of Labor, the National Labor Relations Board, state and local agencies, plaintiffs’ lawyers, and union organizers…. Read more »

DOL’S Companionship Rule Gets the One-Two Punch

Employers of companionship and domestic employees can breathe a little easier, now that a court has set aside major portions of a rule that may have required that such employees receive the minimum wage and overtime under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.   At issue was a Final Rule issued by the U.S. Department… Read more »

Editors Column: How Does HR Get in the Flow?

The flow state allows for massively accelerated learning, creativity and motivation.   According to Stephen Kotler, author of The Rise of Superman, researchers have found seventeen flow triggers: three environmental, three psychological, ten social and one creative.   Adventure sports athletes who survive climbing big mountains, riding big waves and paddling wild rivers do so… Read more »

Do You Know the Most Common Liability Losses?

Classic Causes   If your first answer was slips and falls or other premises liability issues, you are correct. These classic causes of liability loss still occur frequently. Rental properties are particularly prone to attract liability claims.   Food Preparation and Processing   The second category is food preparation and processing. The increasing frequency in… Read more »

Asset Inflation: as the stock market rises, so do directors and officers liabilities

Without a doubt, directors and officers are becoming the whipping boys of the financial world. Whether the market rises or falls, asset valuation and expectation drives lawsuits towards those in corporate governance and top management.   Directors and Officers Liability is one of the fastest growing areas of liability claims and settlements. Why? Largely because… Read more »

Lessons from the Recent Major Computer Hacks

Recent computer crimes involving hacking major department stores, governments, banks, healthcare providers, credit card companies, even motion picture studios suggest no system is safe from cyber-attacks. How can we risk manage this threat? Updating computer systems can be tricky and often exposes data normally kept safe behind firewalls. When components are switched out, oftentimes doors… Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions for Risk Managers

New Year’s Resolutions for Risk Managers   Whether your business has downsized or grown over the past few years, the waters seem a bit calmer now; and it’s a good time to overhaul your risk management program.   Resolve to address the trends in liability claims:   •             Cyber liability is a rapidly growing source… Read more »

Manage Your On Site Traffic

No discipline breaks down faster on a job site than traffic control and storage space.  The turf wars and project inertia follow.  Democracy is a poor way to run traffic control.  This regulation requires a czar, one person responsible for and with the authority to sheriff this aspect of sites.   Traffic management concerns efficiency… Read more »