Monthly Archives: June 2015

The Heat (App) Is On!

Heat illness sickens thousands of workers every year, and severe cases can be fatal. To help keep outdoor workers cool, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration developed a free app to calculate worksite heat index and risk levels, and educate users about how to respond to a heat emergency. More than 187,000 people have downloaded… Read more »

Even When You Win, You Lose

Following Ellen Pao’s highly-publicized loss at trial of her gender discrimination claims against venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, the defendant filed a costs bill for $972,814, including more than $864,000 in expert witness fees. The defense offered to waive costs if Pao agrees not to appeal. While it is possible that many… Read more »

Editors Column – NLRB Punishes Employer for Past Unlawful Handbook Policies Despite Employer’s Attempt to Repudiate

In Boch Imports, Inc., the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) found that the employer, a car dealership, violated the National Labor Relations Act because the dealership’s social media and dress code policies were overbroad and interfered with employee rights to engage in protected, concerted activity. In particular, the employer’s social media policy required employees to identify themselves… Read more »

Top Resume Trends and Tips for 2015

When did you last update your resume? Now’s a great time to add new work experience, verify references and insert several resume trends that are popular this year. Add Breakaway Text Magazines often use breakaway text to draw your eye to main themes. While your resume won’t include enlarged text or boxed quotes, you can… Read more »

How Much Money Do You Need To Save For Retirement?

One hundred thousand, one million or one billion – how much should you save for retirement? Instead of drawing a random number from a hat, use tips from financial planners to prepare for your future. Write Down Retirement Goals Do you want to travel the world or move closer to your children after you retire?… Read more »

How to Build a Better Relationship With Your PCP

How’s your relationship with your primary care physician or PCP? Because your doctor diagnoses illness, performs preventative checkups and looks out for your physical wellbeing, you want to build a better relationship as you take care of your health now and into the future. 1. Have an Agenda What do you expect from a doctor… Read more »

Does Worker’s Comp Cover Long-Term Illnesses Or Disabilities

Worker’s comp insurance covers your medical treatment after you suffer an injury or are involved in an accident at work. However, you also need to know if workers comp can cover long-term illnesses or disabilities. What Long-Term Illnesses and Disabilities are Covered? Your employer’s worker’s comp insurance policy will include specific details about the exact… Read more »

Vision Insurance Options for Your Entire Family

Annual eye exams diagnose your eye health and ensure you have the right corrective lens prescription. Most standard health insurance policies don’t include vision coverage, though. Instead of paying high out-of-pocket expenses for optometrist visits and eyeglasses for you and your family members, investigate a few options that improve and protect your eyesight without breaking… Read more »