Monthly Archives: July 2015

Workplace Deaths Created by Poor Safety Practices

You would think that by 2015 employers would have realized that unsafe working conditions are dangerous, in violation of the law, can kill people and leave the family left behind in poverty. But that’s not the case. Plenty of workers still get killed on the job…and for no good reason. If you have any doubts… Read more »

So you’ve reported an accident to OSHA: what happens next, and how do you respond?

OSHA’s “Interim Enforcement Procedures” Prioritize Its Responses to Reported Accidents, Calling for Inspections in Some Cases and Submission of the Employer’s Own Accident Investigation Report in Others To guide the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in responding to the new requirement to report all in-patient hospitalizations, amputations, and loss of an eye within 24 hours… Read more »

Requiring Paid Leave Use Before FMLA Leave

Question: When an employee takes FMLA leave, may we require that the employee exhaust all available sick and vacation leave? The intent is to avoid additional vacation requests following a leave or a resignation and therefore cash out of any vacation accrual. Answer: Federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) regulations pertaining to the substitution… Read more »

Three Basic Steps in Disaster Planning

Think about disaster planning as a nomadic tribe might. How do you pack only the essentials and relocate with little or no notice? How do you reestablish your business with next day efficiency? The modern business world consists of three essential elements: virtual assets, current hard assets, and supply chain/delivery assets. The virtual world of… Read more »

Fine Arts: protect everything from prototypes to Picassos

Sandy brought destruction to the northeast in uncountable and, before the storm, unimaginable ways. Especially hard hit in value were collectors of fine arts and antiques. Even businesses lost precious antiquities and paintings. Many of these businesses thought fine art floaters were for attaching to homeowners only. Not so. The estimate of uncovered loss in… Read more »

Additional Insured Endorsement: read carefully

Additional Insured (AI) endorsements either grant liability coverage to a contract partner for a specific project or they cover vicarious liability claims arising out of the AI’s workmanship or products. Neither. Or both, depends how it’s written. AI might be the most widely misunderstood endorsement in general liability. First, the court interpretations are recent by… Read more »

The Pollution Exclusion and Misapplied Chemicals

An interesting claim case occurred at a day care center. An employee misapplied ammonia when cleaning a toilet seat causing rashes on several children. The company reserved their rights on the claim based on the environmental exclusion in the general liability policy. A reservation of rights essentially lets the insured know that the company will… Read more »

Build Passive Redundant Systems: site design loss prevention devices

Redundant systems involve anticipating future issues with your building. Do you have mission critical electricity needs, for instance, a hospital? Design a generator into the site. What issues are raised with generators? Now you must consider a fuel source. An underground storage tank creates compliance issues. More importantly, it creates real problems when they leak…. Read more »