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Cyber Security

Mind Over Matter: the Zen Approach to Innovation and Productivity¬†¬† Mindfulness practice has permeated many aspects of Western culture – from stress-reduction therapy to everyday business practices. Mindfulness is an approach to increasing awareness of oneself and one’s surroundings. Mindfulness practice began with Buddhist meditation but is being adapted to fit the more clinical and… Read more »

The Modern Office: How Place and Space Affect Productivity

If you’ve worked in an office, you know there are often many obstacles to productivity. Whether it’s too many interruptions, a loud coworker, or just poor communication – there are things, specific to the work environment, that detract from your ability to work. Over the years, office spaces have evolved to suit modern working styles,… Read more »

Top 5 Productivity KILLERS in the Workplace

  Driving us to distraction: the top 5 time-sucks in the office The genius that happens every day in the offices of the world requires a certain amount of focus. Unfortunately, most offices are awash with both physical and mental distractions that pull our attention away from the task at hand. To help you identify… Read more »

How To Prepare Financially For A Critical Illness

No one wants to think about what would happen if they contracted a critical illness like cancer or had a major heart attack. However, critical illnesses affect millions of people every day. Take several steps today as you prepare financially for a critical illness. What are Critical Illnesses? A short list of critical illnesses includes:… Read more »

How to Choose a Financial Planner

A financial planner helps you invest, save and grow your money. Of course, you could do this job yourself and spend hours figuring out investment, the stock market and other financial issues, but most likely, you want to hire a professional. If so, do your research and use these tips to choose a financial planner… Read more »

Are Independent Contractors Covered By Workers’ Comp?

Every business owner is required to carry workers’ compensation for employees. They don’t, however, have to carry this coverage for independent contractors. Which are you? Understanding the rules can ensure you’re protected if you’re injured at work. Are you an Independent Contractor or an Employee? Before you can decide if you’re covered by an employer’s… Read more »

How to Choose a Health Insurance Deductible

Health insurance deductibles are on the rise. This trend is partially because consumers save premium costs when they choose a high-deductible policy. Do you know how to choose a policy with a deductible you can afford? Use several tips as you choose the best health insurance for your needs. Can You Afford the Deductible? When… Read more »

Health Insurance Tips For Athletes

Do you love playing basketball, doing karate or riding your bike? You need health insurance that covers all the injuries you might sustain while doing the activities you love. Here are a few tips that ensure you’re covered. What Injuries Are Common Among Athletes? Every sport has unique risks, including leisure spots like badminton. In… Read more »

Do You Need Life Insurance If You’re Retired?

Would you cancel your auto insurance if you didn’t make a claim in 10 years? Of course not. Yet some retirees cancel their life insurance because they think they don’t need it. Consider several questions as you decide whether or not you need a life insurance policy if you’re retired. Will Anyone Experience Financial Loss… Read more »