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Be Careful About Who You Hire

In 1999, a California plumbing company hired a man who had once been convicted of domestic violence against his ex-wife. In 2003, the man made a house call that sparked a friendship with the woman living there, a relationship that eventually grew romantic. That same year, the plumbing company fired him for a variety of… Read more »

Costly Code Compliance Mistakes

Complying with comprehensive legal and regulatory codes plays an essential role in constructing safe, energy-efficient, and “sustainable” buildings – and helps drive up the cost of Construction Insurance. The International Code Council, a think tank of building officials and engineers, keeps writing increasingly complex building codes that cover every aspect of residential and commercial construction… Read more »

Virus Alert – What’s at Risk?

When people talk about viruses and malware and worms, they might say something like “Won’t that mess up my computer?” In truth, viruses cannot damage the hardware directly. All a virus is is a piece of code that self-replicates to attack the data on your computer. There is something of a gray area there, of course…. Read more »

What is Product Liability Insurance?

Product Liability Insurance helps protect your company from damages for losses related to manufacturing or selling products or other goods. These claims can, and do, put businesses out of business – just ask the officers of any asbestos manufacturer. Companies are vulnerable to three types of products claims Manufacturing or production flaws that create an… Read more »

Business Insurance: What to Purchase?

Most business owners would agree that it’s important to maintain insurance to protect business assets. When they think about insurance, business owners generally consider protection against hazards such as fire, flood or theft at their company sites. This is obviously an important protection to have. However, there are other types of hazards that may not… Read more »

Your Business and Social Media

By the beginning of 2011, the social networking Website Facebook had more than 600 million users. An estimated 200 million people use micro-blogging service Twitter. The business networking site LinkedIn has reported that it has more than 100 million members. In addition, the Internet hosts millions of blogs and tens of thousands of podcasts. These… Read more »

Understanding Your “Triggers”

A “coverage trigger” is an event that causes your Liability policy to pay a claim. There are two basic types of “triggers”: occurrence and claims made. An “occurrence” trigger means that the policy will cover any injury or damage during the policy period. For example, if a roof that you installed four years ago collapsed… Read more »

Builder’s Risk Insurance Protection

A gas line explosion…A short circuit that fries electric wiring…Even a lightning strike…Any building site under construction or renovation is highly vulnerable. Builder’s Risk insurance will pay for loss or damage to a structure (and, in some cases, of the materials, fixtures and/or equipment used to build or renovate it) caused by a variety of… Read more »

Subrogation Defined

Subrogation occurs when an insurance company pays a claim and then uses the insured’s right to sue the other party for causing the loss as a way to recover their funds. This seems reasonable, so why do business contracts commonly include a “waiver of subrogation” clause? Business contracts often require that one party or the… Read more »

Cross-site Viruses

The general understanding of viruses is that you can pretty much avoid them if you just never download anything that ends in dot exe, unless it comes from a source that you know for certain is legit. What some might not know is that simply browsing an unsafe website can infect your computer with a virus. You’re… Read more »