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What IS Sensitive Data?

The word “data” can be misleading. When we see that word we think of ones and zeroes, bank account numbers, debit card PINs, financial records and software code. Technically speaking, any information stored on any electronic device is data. Data could be how many minutes you like to put on the microwave timer to let… Read more »

Managing Your Passwords

Signing up for a new account somewhere is always a bit of a pain. You may have a basic password that you use for almost every account, but then this one says you need something that’s 16 characters long with three numbers, a capital letter and a symbol. How are you going to remember all… Read more »

Best Places to Retire in the U.S.

Whether you’re retiring this year or planning to retire soon, now’s a great time to think about where you’ll move. After all, this decision affects how much money you’ll need to save. If you plan to retire to an expensive part of the United States or plan to increase your standard of living, you’ll need… Read more »

Ensuring Compliance in Security Protocol

It’s pretty easy to print out a few pages on how employees can keep private data private. It’s not so easy getting your employees to keep those reminders in mind. Here are a few ideas for ensuring compliance in security protocol: Clearance Levels There’s no reason for your interns to have the same clearance level… Read more »

How They Caught Top Hackers

Most cyber-criminals are never caught. It’s a high-reward, low-risk area of crime. Cyber-thieves don’t typically drain bank accounts, they steal a nickel here, a dollar there¬†from thousands and thousands of users, and almost nobody is going to go file a police report over seventy eight cents, and if they do, it’s not going to be… Read more »

Is Your Business Worth Protecting?

A common misunderstanding has it that if your business isn’t worth anything yet, then you don’t need any sort of insurance whatsoever. The fact of the matter is that if your business isn’t worth anything, then people will come after¬†you. You’re going to at least need some basic liability insurance very early on, as soon… Read more »

Changing With The Times

There is no such thing as an industry where you will never need to adapt to the times. If you’ve been selling, say, pipe tobacco, a sort of old-fashioned product, something that is of more interest to retirees than it is to millennials, you’re still looking at a market that has shifted from being current… Read more »

Navigating a Dying Industry

Now and then, we need to take a look at our industries and ask ourselves what the landscape is going to look like in five more years. Business protection can protect us against unforeseeable losses, but it’s not much help when there’s no business left to protect. Recent developments like 3D printing, the Internet of… Read more »

Corners You Can’t Afford to Cut

In any line of work, you’re going to learn some shortcuts. Pick up a comic book, for instance, and you’ll find that many artists simply trace backgrounds and complicated objects from Google Image search results. Go see a movie and you’ll find that they reuse the same stock footage of explosions, car chases and airplanes… Read more »

The Worst Construction Mistakes Ever Made

Forgetting one hurricane tie before drywalling probably isn’t going to see a house going up in a tornado like in The Wizard of Oz. Some mistakes aren’t that big a deal. Others… well, here are some of the biggest mistakes ever made in construction, engineering and architecture: The Aon Center The Aon Center, completed in… Read more »