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Your Dog Breed and Homeowners Insurance

October, Adopt a Shelter Dog month, is a great time to add a dog to your family. Be careful which breed you adopt, though. Insurance companies use data from insurance claims and public health studies to create a high risk dog breed list, and your homeowners insurance premiums can increase based on the type of… Read more »

Future Security Risks: What’s Coming!

Many IT and security professionals will tell you that one of the biggest threats to sensitive data and equipment is not the fact that hackers are just so smart and determined, but that the security is always one step behind the technology. Hardware and software developers do what they can to launch with built-in security… Read more »

Secure Your Devices

Staying secure in the office is relatively easy. Sure, you have to be vigilant, but you have a whole team of IT pros, you have office protocol and guidelines, and network security to keep you safe and sound. Once your employees step out of the office, it’s a whole other story. Here are a few… Read more »

Understanding Your Deductibles

To determine the deductible that provides the greatest value for your insurance dollar, we believe Sherlock Holmes might have made a great insurance agent. Although insurance can sometimes seem complicated, choosing the best deductible for your personal situation can prove an elementary decision. Deductibles serve a clear purpose. For a given loss, the deductible is… Read more »

What happens if your car is involved in a flood?

Floods happen – and nearly half of all deaths related to them involve vehicles, says the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The best advice for drivers during periods of heavy rain or flooding is to stay off the road. If that’s not possible and you see signs of high water or stranded vehicles, pull over or… Read more »

Insurance for Your Boats/Watercraft

There are many hidden costs associated with owning a boat: Dock fees, general maintenance, and winter storage, just to name a few. One expense that boat owners should never skimp on is purchasing the best available insurance policy for their watercraft. Because buying a boat is a huge investment, owners should protect their boat with… Read more »

Strange Insurance Policies, You’ve Probably Never Heard

There are insurance policies that any sane business owner is going to have to invest in as soon as they have the cash flow to cover them. Then there are those that are… a little out-there. You might never need any of these policies, but it’s good (or at least interesting) to know they’re available… Read more »

How Did Computer Virus’s Begin?

The computer virus seems to have spawned into existence in the 1990’s when users started hopping online with AOL. In truth, the history of the computer virus dates back about forty years.┬áThe modern virus, which spreads over the internet and across networks, really took off in the 80’s and 90’s, but developers and programmers have… Read more »

Protect Your Business from Internal Theft

According to the U.S. Commerce Department, employee crime costs American businesses more than $50 billion a year – that’s “billion with a ‘B” – and three out of four employees have stolen from their employers at least once. To help prevent a fox from getting into your hen house, a leading risk management group recommends… Read more »

Recovering After a Disaster Strikes

Three out of five firms that suffer a major disaster go out of business or are sold. Preparing your business to survive a disastrous event involves a multi-step process: assessment, planning, implementation, testing, and documentation. Assessment: Brainstorm and list all potential losses. Then rate them on a 1-10 scale, with 10 being the most disastrous… Read more »