Monthly Archives: July 2014

Mandatory Tip Charges Will Be Disappearing in 2014

We have all had the experience of going to a restaurant with a large party and finding that 18% tip charge on our bill. We can also find them on meals delivered to our hotel rooms. Any company that opposes those charges must be on notice that beginning in 2014 automatic gratuities are classified as… Read more »

HR Success

We love Success Magazine. If you don’t subscribe to it, you should. It comes with a great monthly magazine focused on a basic theme per month along with a great audio CD you can listen to in your car. The December issue had an article titled “Taking Care: Panda Express Nurtures Employees So They in… Read more »

Fighting Work Comp Fraud

What do these people have in common? Answer: they are work comp frauds. Want to see a few more mug shots? There’s no doubt that where there’s money to be had, there will be fraud. Employers nationwide have been subject to a growing abuse of those learning to “work the system.”  While it is… Read more »

Editor’s Column: HR Subjects

Here’s a quick look at 26 subjects (there were more) discussed in the dozens of HR magazines, blogs, and newsletters reviewed over the last few months. This should help wake up anyone who doubts the complexity and value of the HR function. Measuring telework productivity Problems caused by pay disparities Hiring the over-qualified Which recruiting… Read more »

Audits: make it easy on yourself

Dread insurance audits? Maybe they stand out because the audit period is inconvenient. Let’s take a look at payroll oriented audits like workers’ compensation. The easiest audit will cover a period defined by four quarterly employee tax filings, a calendar quarter expiration date. Why? Because you must internally audit these periods already. The second suggestion… Read more »

Professional Liability Coverage – can you protect your reputation

What distinguishes products, completed operations and professional liability? A product is a good sold to consumers. Think about “things” when you think about products. Products liability covers the business which manufactures the product against injuries, illnesses or property damage caused by the product. Completed operations are usually contracted building services which have a beginning point… Read more »

Mold Intruding on Your Completed Work?

Let’s walk through the evolution of a mold claim due to roofing repairs or interior restorations. The building owner calls and reports the leak or damage. Implied in this request is water damage and the intrusion of outdoor elements, like mold, mildew or other various spores. The roofer assesses damages and fixes the roof. Perhaps… Read more »

Proper Equipment Maintenance and Loss Control

How does proper maintenance help reduce liability and workers compensation claims? The obvious maintenance issues, like brakes on trucks or a proper source of electricity, are usually attended to on a schedule. People are aware of their importance. Extend this awareness to the smaller items which should be checked daily. If these safety items go… Read more »