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What Does it Cost to Replace Your Spouse?

Your spouse is priceless to you as a life partner, friend and confidante. Have you ever calculated the actual worth of your spouse? Take time to figure out how much it would cost to replace your spouse as you purchase invaluable life insurance for the person you love the most. Replace Salary Most life insurance… Read more »

Addressing Mental Abuse in the Workplace

When you think of abuse, you may think only of physical actions. Mental abuse is also a reality, however. If it happens in your workplace, you will need to take several steps to address it as you create a healthy work environment. Types of Mental Abuse Workplace mental abuse shows up in many forms. The… Read more »

Understanding Payroll Deductions

Your salary is one of the first things you want to know when you start a new job. Unfortunately, you might be in for a big surprise when you open your first paycheck thanks to mandatory and voluntary payroll deductions. Understand exactly what these deductions as you eliminate paycheck surprises and balance your personal budget…. Read more »

What Insurance Should New Hires Purchase?

After landing a new job, you’ll meet with the Human Resources department. They will discuss your new employee handbook, outline your benefits and answer any questions. One thing you should be prepared to do is choose your insurance options. Here’s what’s available. Health Insurance You may be healthy and think you can live without health… Read more »

The Curious Case of Workers Compensation Treatments: Why Some States Soar in Surgery

With every state having their own workers’ compensation rules, it has meant that incentives have varied widely throughout the nation. The majority of doctors, lawyers, insurance carriers, employers and employees are all either inadvertently or consciously trying to avoid their losses at every level. When a report came out about surgery and Medicare in the… Read more »

News from the Annual Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference

The Annual Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference (WCI) is just one example of how complex this topic is to everyone involved, from doctors to employers. Many of the sessions are made solely for those in specific industries (e.g., only for judges or attorneys.) With a variety of laws from state to state and interpretations of those laws from state to… Read more »

What You Need to Know About the Workers Comp Appeals Process

Every day you likely see people make decisions you wish they would reconsider. People make mistakes because they’re tired, bored, angry or just plain uninterested in what’s happening around them. Appeals were made for those who feel the courts were full of professionals making choices based on their own self-interests and not based on the facts…. Read more »

Common Rules for Doctors in Workers Compensation Cases

Doctors to a certain extent run their practice they way they want to, as they can choose the types of cases they take and use different methods for different patients. However, they also have to play ball, so to speak, with a number of different regulators. From being approved to working with a certain insurer… Read more »

How to Add Temp Staff Quickly During Busy Seasons

Does your business have a busy season? It might if your industry is retail, landscaping or catering, and that means you may need temporary workers. Here are several tips on how to add those workers quickly to your staff during your busy seasons. Prepare and Plan Unless this is your first year in business, you… Read more »