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No Drugs. No Alcohol. No Exceptions.

Everyone is well aware that drinking and driving is a dangerous combination, but we also need to recognize that drinking and/or using drugs in the workplace is equally hazardous. Impaired workers might not be able to concentrate on the task at hand. Depending on your job function, an error could cause injury or even death… Read more »

Hazards of Mold, and Prevention

The bad news: Exposure to indoor mold can trigger serious allergic reactions and even infections among workers and visitors to your building, leading to lost productivity – not to mention the costs and hassles of litigation. The good news: Taking precautions against this risk can help prevent health problems, limiting your exposure. The potential for indoor exposure… Read more »

Downloading Software Safely

Getting new software for the office can be a trying process. Top quality programs like Photoshop can be prohibitively expensive for a small business when you need to outfit your whole office, and the free stuff is a bit of a crap shoot. Obviously, we have to recommend against pirating. Individuals using Sony Vegas or… Read more »

Substance Abuse Programs Prevent Workplace Injuries

According to statistics from the United States Department of Labor, 40% of industrial fatalities and 47% of individual injuries received on the job are due to intoxication from alcohol. This combined with the fact that businesses suffer related losses of five hundred million workdays and over eight billion dollars each year underscores the fact that… Read more »

Understand The Jones Act And Maritime Injury Claims

Seamen who suffer an injury on the job are protected by the Jones Act. Also called the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, these laws include many components that support safe working conditions for employees in the vibrant maritime industry. Who Does the Jones Act Protect? According to the Act, seamen have the right to work… Read more »

Summer Safety Tips

Although the human body naturally cools itself, continuous exposure to extreme heat can overwhelm those mechanisms, leading to illness and even death. The following are four types of heat-related ailments listed in order of severity (four being the most severe). Even a less severe condition can become more severe unless steps are taken to remedy… Read more »

Ways Technology Changes Workers’ Compensation

Computers, smartphones, tablets and wearable technology change the way we live our daily lives, and now they’re changing Workers’ Compensation, too. Learn more about how technology can decrease accidents, improve recovery, lower claim costs and allow employees to return to work sooner. Improve Communication With Employees Employers must share important Workers’ Compensation information with employees…. Read more »

Differences Between Financial Risk and Business Risk

Starting your own business can be risky. Numerous factors can affect your success and your business’s value. Financial risk and business risk are two common types of risks you face as a business owner. Know the differences between financial and business risk as you plan for success. What is Financial Risk? Your business’s financial risk… Read more »

Safety While Operating Heavy Equipment

Bulldozers, scrapers, and tractors, oh my! A jobsite crawling with heavy equipment can sometimes feel like a danger zone. However, with the proper heavy equipment safety guidelines in place, you can reduce risk on your jobsite and ensure your workers head home unscathed each and every day. There are three main ingredients to safe heavy… Read more »

External and Internal Factors of Financial Risk

Every small business faces financial risks. However, you can lower your risks and improve your chances of success when you become aware of several external and internal financial risk factors. External Risks Economic Risks Economic downturns or failures as well as economic changes within certain industries, geographies or demographic groups play a role in your… Read more »