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What is a Credit Report Freeze?

In early September, the credit reporting agency Equifax announced a significant data breach. Hackers were able to access the names, birth dates, Social Security numbers and addresses of 143 million consumers, which put their identity and credit at risk. A credit report freeze is one protective measure Equifax recommended. Every consumer, including you, should understand… Read more »

Fight Back Against Cyber Crime

How secure are your business assets? According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), companies with less than 100 employees lose an average of $155,000 a year to fraud. Small businesses also have a higher fraud rate than larger firms and non-business owners. Don’t be a victim! To help protect your business against losses from… Read more »

Choose A Secure Password With 11 Tips

Celebrate National Cyber Security Awareness month with strong passwords. They protect your information from cybercriminals and keep you safe as you use the internet. 1. Use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. The best keywords are difficult to guess, so use a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and symbols. 2. Use at… Read more »

Ways to Get Back to Business Quickly After a Disaster

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reports that over 40 percent of businesses affected by a disaster do not reopen. Whether your business faces a natural, technological or human-caused disaster, you can get back to business quickly in several ways. Anticipate Disasters Of course, you cannot always predict disasters, but you can anticipate them. Consider… Read more »

Six Steps To Take When Filing An Insurance Claim

Your small business insurance may cover data breaches, auto accidents and weather damage. To get reimbursed, though, you need to file a claim. Use these six steps to ensure your insurance claim is processed quickly and properly. 1. Contact your insurance agent immediately. Before you touch anything, contact your insurance agent. He or she needs to… Read more »

Client Notice, Claim Reporting

Consider the following chain of events: An engineer designs the site and grading plan for a construction project. After the project’s completion, the developer finds that the parking lot is not draining. In March, the developer writes to the engineer, accuses him of failing to follow recommendations in a geotechnical report, and orders him to… Read more »

Protect Yourself with Disability Insurance

In the event a disability that causes an inability to work occurs, Disability insurance works to replace a portion of your absent income. Although it should be obvious why Disability insurance is critical protection, many workers assume that they don’t need private Disability insurance since Social Security disability benefits are available. What many fail to… Read more »

9 Tips That Prepare Your Teen Driver For The Road

Your teen is ready to drive, and you have the privilege of preparing them for this responsibility. Use nine tips as you prep your teen to navigate the road safely. 1.Ensure Your Teen Meets State Licensing Guidelines Teen drivers may officially get behind the wheel after they earn a learners permit. Then they will probably… Read more »

11 Steps Prepare Your Property For Safe Trick Or Treating

Are you planning to welcome trick or treaters to your home this month? Follow 11 steps that prepare your property for safe Halloween fun. 1. Clean your walkways. Jack-o-lanterns are cute, but they are also tripping hazards. Remove decorations and all clutter or debris such as toys, yard tools or twigs from your sidewalks, steps… Read more »