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Risk Management for Bars, Taverns, Restaurants and Nightclubs

Bars, taverns, restaurants and nightclubs face unusual risks. If you own or work at one of these establishments, understand your risks and the risk management insurance you need. Potential Risks for Bars, Taverns, Restaurants and Nightclubs While every business is slightly different, there are common risks bars, taverns, restaurants and nightclubs face. They include: Liability… Read more »

Social Media: High Risks for Lawsuits

Most everyone knows that the use of social media has grown by leaps and bounds during the past decade. What many people don’t realize are the unique risks associated with social networking. Anyone using Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, or other social networking sites should exercise extreme caution in what they decide to say online. As an… Read more »

Avoiding Road Rage and Aggressive Driving

Basic decency during driving can seem hard to come by these days. “Road rage” refers to the ability of perfectly sane people to become angry maniacs when behind the wheel of a car. On average, at least fifteen hundred people including men, women and children are killed or injured each year in America due to… Read more »

Why Should I Get Insurance That Isn’t Required?

State laws or lenders require people and businesses to buy certain types of insurance. Most states require Automobile Liability insurance on all registered vehicles. If the vehicles are financed, the lenders will require the owners to carry Collision and Fire coverage. Employers have to carry Workers Compensation in most states. Mortgage lenders require borrowers to… Read more »

Where Did Our Data Go?

During recent months I’ve been reading a large number of lawsuits related to industrial espionage, sabotage, misappropriation, and theft. Most of these cases involve a current or former employee or some third party stealing valuable financial or other information. In several recent decisions, courts have ruled that they lack criminal jurisdiction over theft of information… Read more »

Cyber Risks for Temporary Staffing Agencies

Temporary staffing agencies specialize in connecting client employers and employees. Whether you work in a staffing agency or are a potential client or temporary employee, discover cyber risks for temporary staffing agencies as you protect yourself. Personal Information Digital information theft has become almost more common than physical theft. Since the majority of staffing agencies… Read more »

Cyber Risks and Hacking Threats to Self-Driving Car

Self-driving cars are projected to be available via mass market by 2020. These vehicles are becoming more popular because they reduce accidents, congestion and fuel consumption, increase rider productivity and improve mobility. Despite these benefits, self-driving cars are at risk for cyber and hacking threats that can cause accidents, create chaos or perpetrate terroristic acts…. Read more »

Is Your Business Exposed?

The September 11 terrorist attacks caused immense loss of life, human suffering, and property destruction, particularly at the World Trade Center in New York City. The insurance losses from injuries and property damage were very large. However, the losses resulting from businesses in the area having to shut down for extended periods of time were… Read more »

What is Occupational Hazard Insurance?

Almost any job can be risky, but some jobs are more dangerous than others.  Occupational Hazard Insurance offers invaluable coverage for anyone who works in a dangerous job. Learn more about Occupational Hazard Insurance, especially if you work in a dangerous occupation. What is Occupational Hazard Insurance? Your risk of injury or death increases when… Read more »

The Importance of Proper Safety Training

This real-life case reinforces the need for every business to provide OSHA-required training. A West Virginia company assigned a new employee – call him Jim – to drive a forklift, even though he had no experience or training in forklift operation “There’s nothing to it,” his supervisor told Jim. “It’s just like driving a car.”… Read more »