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Understanding Roth IRA

Saving for retirement is important for your financial future. Consider a Roth IRA because it offers five benefits. What is a Roth IRA? A Roth IRA allows you to contribute up to $5,500 ($6,500 for consumers over the age of 50) per year. You receive no tax benefits when you contribute, but the contributions and… Read more »

Benefits of Prescription Drug Insurance

Prescription drug coverage is a benefit many employers offer. You can use it to pay for your medications and improve or maintain your health. What is Prescription Drug Coverage? Most employers offer prescription drug coverage as part of your healthcare benefits package. With this coverage, your insurance pays for the medications your doctor prescribes after… Read more »

Tips To Maximize Your Summer Workouts

Summer’s here, and the cheerful sunshine and warmer temperatures make it easier to work out. You don’t want to spend all your free time exercising, though. Maximize every workout this summer to achieve the best results and have more time for other fun seasonal activities. Wear the Right Clothing It’s impossible to move properly or… Read more »

Why Newlyweds Need To Purchase Life Insurance

As you prepare for your wedding, take time to think about life insurance. It gives you peace of mind and financial resources if something unexpected happens to your new spouse. Provide Financial Support After your spouse dies, you may face financial hardship, especially if you were not the primary breadwinner. Life insurance can provide beneficial… Read more »

Protect Yourself with Disability Insurance

In the event a disability that causes an inability to work occurs, Disability insurance works to replace a portion of your absent income. Although it should be obvious why Disability insurance is critical protection, many workers assume that they don’t need private Disability insurance since Social Security disability benefits are available. What many fail to… Read more »


Senior citizens make up the group most affected by stress-related psychological and medical conditions. For such issues, yoga might offer great relief. Recent research shows that it is effective in treating people who suffer from high blood pressure, depression, anxiety and cardiovascular disease. The theory that researchers have might help develop mind-body practices as preventative… Read more »

Importance of LTC’s Equipment and Home Modification Benefit

Long-term care (LTC) insurance ensures people with disabilities, chronic illnesses or other conditions receive the daily help they need. The coverage includes a variety of benefits, including equipment and home modifications. Understand the value of these specific benefits as you determine if LTC insurance is right for you or someone you love. What is LTC… Read more »

Small Heart-Healthy Changes To Make With The Whole Family

March gives your family the perfect opportunity to talk about love and improve your heart health. Involve your entire family in making positive changes when you take several small heart-healthy steps. Find Free Time for Active Movement Whether you have 15 minutes after dinner or several hours on the weekends, exercise and activity improve your… Read more »

How A Pet Can Help You Live Longer

Your life insurance policy provides financially for your family, but you obviously want to live as long as possible. Pet ownership can help you achieve that goal. Improve Heart Health Your blood pressure and cholesterol could drop when you own a pet. Care for a cat, and your heart attack risk could drop by one-third. With these benefits,… Read more »