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Recruitment bonuses can be a powerful tool for growing your workforce. To set an effective price point for employee referral bonuses, consider: The cost of using recruiters (up to 25% of the employee’s first-year salary) The rate of turnover in the position The income generated by the position How strong the need is to find… Read more »

Commuting to and from work

A frequent question at the Job Accommodation Network is whether the ADA requires employers to provide accommodations for a disabled employee who has trouble getting to and from work because of his or her condition. A related question is whether it makes any difference if the employee’s only disability-related problem is the commute; if once… Read more »

HO, HO, HO, Host Liquor Liability

The holidays are almost upon us and alcohol will be flowing at company parties throughout the land. Beware! If an employee or guest gets inebriated at a social function sponsored by your business and then injures another person, you could be held liable. Consider this scenario: After polishing off four eggnogs in an hour at… Read more »


Cold weather will be with us for a few months which can cause a variety of problems for contractors and their employees who work outdoors in winter weather. To help your workers stay warm and safe on the job, follow these precautions: Make sure that they keep their body temperature at or about normal by… Read more »

Five Disappointingly Boring Methods of Hackers

The movies tell us that hackers are hip young rebels and international secret agents with black leather jackets, cool shades and wild haircuts. They might work for secret organizations or they might be anarchists trying to shake things up. They stare at fields of green text that only they can comprehend and dance their fingers… Read more »

3 More Cyber Security Myths

We’ve covered the subject of cyber-security myths before, but all it takes is one critical misunderstanding to harm your network, and we could write a phone book’s worth of content on all the misunderstandings floating around out there. The Internet’s Safer Now Some users are under the impression that the Internet is no longer the… Read more »

Is There Any Such Thing as a Virus-Proof Device?

Is there any such thing as virus-proof? Although devices aren’t typically advertised as being “virus-proof,” many developers certainly enjoy the extra profits that come with being “commonly known” for being virus-proof. The question remains as to whether any device or operating system can ever truly be impervious to infection. Let’s do some myth-busting:When people sing… Read more »

Pumping Concrete

One of the most cost-effective advances in the construction industry has been the use of concrete pumps. Older style bucket operations took significantly longer and frequently affected the quality of the job. Modern concrete pumps allow crews to move massive amounts of concrete while maintaining the quality of the product. The bottom line: Concrete pumps… Read more »

Construction Industry Injuries

The experience modification indicates relative claims experience by offering a credit modification, lower premium, for positive claims experience and higher premiums, debit modification, for poor experience. But does an experience modification help you understand the rate of injuries in your operations rather than the raw cost? Frequency of claims correlates to safety more so than… Read more »