Monthly Archives: March 2017

Slow Internet Issues Could Be Serious

You pay premium prices for business class Internet, and it winds up leaking through the Ethernet like honey off of a spoon. In 2016, you need high speed Internet in order to run a successful business, so getting it back up to speed when it starts to slow down is a top priority. Here’s a… Read more »

Can Robotics Be Hacked?

If you can plug it into a wall, you can hack it. The question is not so much whether or not industrial robotics and so on can be hacked, but under what circumstances, and whether or not it’s a serious threat. Something worth acknowledging up front is that hacking is a crime of opportunity. It’s… Read more »

Don’t Void Your Warranty…

It can be tricky to know what will and what won’t void the warranty on your phone, your PC, your tablet or your laptop. You probably have a manual laying around somewhere that can lay this out in more detail, but feel free to rely on this as a quick FAQ on some of the… Read more »

Motorcycle Insurance Basics

You’re one with the road when you ride your motorcycle. However, you need to ensure your ride and your assets are protected if you ever cause or are in an accident. Know the basics of motorcycle insurance as you purchase this valuable protection. Types of Motorcycles Covered Standard motorcycles are covered by a motorcycle insurance… Read more »

Insurance for your Techy Home

If you want to insure a mansion or a priceless art collection, don’t be surprised if a certified thermographer shows up at your door, infrared camera in hand. Thermal imaging cameras are among the latest high-tech tools Homeowners insurers are using to help stem losses before they become catastrophes, saving policyholders from heartbreak and companies… Read more »

In a recreational vehicle, you and your family can explore the United States, enjoy a vacation or retire in style. Since your RV is both a home and an auto, you’ll need recreational vehicle insurance. It protects your investment and assets and gives you peace of mind. Why Buy Recreational Vehicle Insurance Whether you drive… Read more »

Maintaining Security with Employee Emails

How can you oversee your employees’ use of company e-mails without violating their privacy? According to a recent nationwide survey, more than 40% of businesses monitor their workers’ e-mails. If you’re one of these companies, a disgruntled employee might well sue you for invasion of privacy (the number of privacy lawsuits has skyrocketed by 3,000%… Read more »

Liability in Adult Day Care

Peace of mind is never more important than it is when you’re responsible for the safety of other people. Carrying expensive cargo by truck can be tense, transporting priceless art or delivering luxury cars can be scary, but when your job is to ensure the well-being of your fellow human beings, it can be downright… Read more »