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What Is A Data Breach?

You’ve probably heard the term “data breach,” but do you really understand what it is? Make time now to learn more details about a data breach, including what you can do to protect yourself. Data Breach Defined A data breach, data leak or data spill is defined as an incident when protected, sensitive or confidential… Read more »

Steps To Take If Your Identity Is Stolen

Identity theft affects over 17 million people every year reports the Bureau of Justice Statistics. While you hope it doesn’t happen to you, these steps can help you take action if you are an identity theft victim. Take action immediately. As soon as you think your identity is stolen, take action. The situation will only… Read more »

How To Handle Stressful Jobs In Nine Steps

We know that certain dangerous, demanding, detailed and repetitive professions are stressful, but every job includes stressors. Stressful jobs can cause physical, emotional and mental problems for employees. They also affect company safety, productivity and morale. Take nine steps as you learn how to handle stressful jobs and stay healthy. Identify the stressors. Numerous factors… Read more »

Top Eight Home Security Tips

A burglary happens every 15 seconds in the United States with thefts averaging $1,725. Protect yourself, your family, your home and your peace of mind when you implement eight top home security tips. Install an alarm. Noise is a top deterrent to criminals. Install a whole-house alarm system if possible. Otherwise, post an alarm company’s… Read more »

Workplace Cyber Risks

The federal Internet Crime Complaint Center received more than 330,000 complaints in 2009, and more than a third of them ended up in the hands of law enforcement. The damages from those referred to the authorities totaled more than a half billion dollars. The Government Accountability Office estimated that cyber crime cost U.S. organizations $67.2… Read more »

Preventing Employment Bias Claims

Norma is an assistant manager at a video store. After feeling very sick for a couple of days, she goes to the doctor and is diagnosed with strep throat. Since her employer provides sick time benefits, she calls the store manager and tells him she cannot work that day. He dismisses her illness as “just… Read more »

Types of Insurance for Campgrounds

As the owner of a campground, you have the responsibility to protect your campers, their guests and their property. Insurance for campgrounds gives you the protection you need. Eligible Campgrounds Almost any private or publically held campground, RV park or cabin rental business is eligible for insurance for campgrounds. Your facility can also be insured if… Read more »

6 Tips to a Safer Workplace

The risk management firm PMA Companies recently released a report, Six Steps to a Safer Workforce: Building Accountability as an Essential Element for Injury Prevention in the Healthcare Industry. According to the report, a safety program that includes top-management commitment, as well as accountability for safety at every level of the business, will help optimize… Read more »

Insurance for Aquariums

Aquariums entertain kids and adults with a variety of programs and activities. If you own or operate an aquarium, purchase adequate insurance for aquariums as you protect your patrons and your business. What Activities Does Insurance for Aquariums Cover? Depending on your specific insurance for aquariums, your policy may cover numerous programs, activities and people…. Read more »

The “Coming and Going” Rule

The theory of respondeat superior makes employers vicariously liable for wrongful acts committed by employees during the course and scope of their employment. However, the “going and coming” rule generally exempts employers from liability for wrongful acts committed by employees while on their way to and from work, because employees are said to be outside… Read more »