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How To Protect Your New Smart TV From Hackers

The brand new Smart TV you receive for the holidays adds value to your home entertainment system. Connect it to the internet and use a remote control, smartphone or tablet to watch movies and videos, post photos to social media sites, and access apps such as Netflix and Skype. Despite its smart features, your Smart TV can… Read more »

Give The Gift Of Life Insurance This Holiday

This year’s hottest holiday gifts include technology, travel and aromatherapy. While these items provide temporary enjoyment, why not give a gift that lasts a lifetime and beyond? Consider the gift of life insurance this holiday as you care for your loved ones. Provide for Your Family Life insurance provides financial support for survivors after the… Read more »

Limit Liability When Serving Alcohol At Your Company Holiday Party

Company holiday parties give your employees the chance to relax, network and have fun. You could be liable for your employees’ drinking, though. Learn more about your liability and ways to protect yourself as you prepare for your holiday party. Check Your Company Insurance Policy The majority of states have liquor liability laws that apply to anyone who… Read more »

Details To Consider During Your Year-End Business Insurance Check-Up

Your business performs a year-end financial analysis, but when was the last time you updated your insurance policies? Insurance protects your company from liability, natural disasters and cyber threats. Make an appointment now to check, change or update your coverage as you prepare for a successful new year. Purchase the Right Policies for your Business… Read more »


For some people, the preventive care options provided by traditional health insurance plans are not a benefit they want or can afford. Instead, a health insurance policy that covers them only in the case of a catastrophic event, such as a car accident or emergency surgery, is much more appealing and affordable. For these people, catastrophic… Read more »

Minimizing Workplace Injury Risks

Although the costs of work-related injuries sustained by employees are usually covered by Workers Compensation coverage, there is no coverage for hidden costs to the business the employee works for. Most plans cover medical expenses and lost wages of the injured employee. However, increased overtime expenditures, reduced efficiency and the expense of training replacements are not… Read more »


The nation’s record-breaking “polar vortex” cold snap last month reinforces the need for businesses to reduce the risk of injuries or accidents to employees working out of doors under winter conditions. The human body has a core temperature of 98.6°F. Unconsciousness can occur at 86°F, and death below 73°F. Symptoms of a dangerous temperature decrease include… Read more »

Five Overtime Dangers And Solutions

Holiday, seasonal or regular overtime allows your company to handle increased sales demands or cover employee absences. While you may enjoy the extra money, long work hours affect workplace safety. Know five common overtime dangers and their solutions as you remain safe at work Health Problems Working 10 hours or more a day can increase your… Read more »