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Tips To Boost Your Cyber Security In The New Year

Cyber attacks threaten more than your company’s computers. They could affect your company’s ability to stay in business. Prepare for a safe and secure 2018 when you boost cyber security. Update Software Often Ensure that every device in your network is equipped with anti-virus software and set to update automatically. Commit to check for patch updates,… Read more »


Insurance companies shelled out $479 million to pay for dog bites last year, up from $413 million in 2010. One company alone, State Farm, paid more than $109 million in Homeowner claims related to bites. California – which has more people and dogs than any other state – led the nation with 527 State Farm… Read more »


Credit card companies, lenders, landlords and even prospective employers use credit scores to determine an individual’s level of financial responsibility. Credit scores are supposed to be snapshots of a person’s credit history. They are determined by Fair, Isaac & Co., which is commonly referred to as FICO. When individuals have low scores, their credit applications are… Read more »

Six Small Business Scams To Avoid

Federal Trade Commission and IRS agents encounter dozens of small business scams each year. Know the risks and steps you can take to protect your company in 2018. 1. Tech Support Calls The caller claims to represent the Global Privacy Enforcement Network or Microsoft and says that your email was hacked or that your computer… Read more »

Cost Of Cyber Breaches For Businesses

A cyber breach occurs when someone gains access to information they should not have. In our age of digitization, all businesses face cyber attack risks that could halt operations temporarily or permanently. Discover the cost of a cyber breach and ways you can protect your business. Calculating the Cost of Cyber Breaches The Wall Street Journal… Read more »

Cross-site Viruses

The general understanding of viruses is that you can pretty much avoid them if you just never download anything that ends in dot exe, unless it comes from a source that you know for certain is legit. What some might not know is that simply browsing an unsafe website can infect your computer with a virus…. Read more »


According to Wikipedia, “a learning organization is the term given to a company that facilitates the learning of its members and continuously transforms itself.” This concept was popularized by Peter Senge in his excellent book The Fifth Discipline. No, it’s not an old rock group; Senge ran a think tank at MIT Sloan School of Management…. Read more »


In 2004, a California carpenter fell 20 feet from a scaffold, suffering a head injury that resulted in brain injury — and led to a structured settlement of $8.9 million (the highest on record in the Golden State). According to attorney Christopher Asvar, his client is suffering from a variety of injury-related symptoms ranging from… Read more »

New Year Safety Resolutions For Your Business

A new year has arrived, and you’re probably busy preparing your business for a successful year. Add safety to your checklist. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees suffered roughly 2.9 million workplace injuries or illnesses in 2016. Implement several safety resolutions in 2018 as you create a safe work environment. Search for and Eliminate Hazards Schedule… Read more »


When it comes time to work with an adjuster on a Workers Compensation claim, you can make life easier for everyone concerned by following these guidelines: Get the main contact involved in the process from the get-go and be sure that they provide all the information the adjuster needs: The claimant’s personnel file, documentation of… Read more »