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Tips To Raise Sexual Assault Awareness And Prevent Harassment At Work

Define Sexual Harassment  Sexual harassment includes any unwanted sexual advances such as offering a work benefit in exchange for sexual favors, inappropriate touching, unwelcome or intimidating behavior, offensive jokes, and inappropriate decor. Federal and state laws prohibit any form of sexual harassment. Know Your Role As an employer, you have the responsibility to prevent sexual… Read more »

Ways To Manage Competitive Risk As You Prep For The Holiday Season

Competitive risk challenges many businesses like yours, especially during the holiday season. This year, manager competitive risk effectively in several ways. Be Prepared Instead of waiting until closer to the holidays to figure out what your competitors are planning or which promotions were most successful in the past, do your research now. You’re more likely… Read more »

Ways To Reduce ADA Lawsuit Risks In Your Small Business

Established in 1990, the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) protects disabled Americans from discrimination. The term “disabled” applies to anyone with a physical or mental impairment that significantly limits or restricts a daily life activity, and ADA laws apply in the workplace and nearly any public space. Learn more about how your small business can comply… Read more »

How To Stay Safe When You Use Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi allows your team to stay connected on the go. You have to be careful, though, because public Wi-Fi is notoriously unsecure. Cybercriminals could also log into the free network you use and access data on your devices, such as your login information or confidential client files. Exercise caution and stay safe in several… Read more »

Safety Measures That Prevent Employee Theft

Employee theft, fraud and embezzlement can cause serious financial and reputation damage to your company. Implement several safety measures as you prevent employee theft and protect your business. Review Your Hiring Practices Start with honest employees, and you could reduce your theft risk. Consider implementing the following pre-employment checks for all employees, particularly those who… Read more »

Renting Commercial Office Space Risks

Business owners who lease property for their businesses must be aware that every lease is unique. Any lease you sign can affect your insurance needs drastically. The best suggestion is to have the lease carefully reviewed by your legal representative and insurance broker before signing on the dotted line. Insurance Considerations and Commercial Property Leases … Read more »

Emergency Action Plans

You never know when a workplace emergency will strike. Be prepared with an effective Emergency Action Plan (EAP). Well-developed emergency action plans, and proper training so that workers understand their roles and responsibilities under the plan will reduce the number and extent of injuries, not to mention structural damage to the workplace. On the other… Read more »

Reputation Management Tips That Reduce Business Risk

Reputation means everything to your company. If your reputation is compromised by negative reviews, inappropriate staff actions or a lawsuit, you could lose customers, employees, suppliers, advertisers, and sponsors. Protect your business with these reputation management tips. Promote your Brand Your brand tells your customers, suppliers and advertisers what to expect when they work with… Read more »

Tips To Prevent Dangerous Slips And Falls At Your Business

Safety precautions at your business, including slip and fall prevention, protect employees and visitors. Add these tips to your safety checklist as you prevent slip and fall hazards year round. Exterior Improve drainage. Reduce areas of standing water around the exterior of your property. Secure and clean gutters and downspouts. This tip prevents slippery surfaces on… Read more »


The bad news: Exposure to indoor mold can trigger serious allergic reactions and even infections among workers and visitors to your building, leading to lost productivity – not to mention the costs and hassles of litigation. The good news: Taking precautions against this risk can help prevent health problems, limiting your exposure. The potential for… Read more »