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Ten Loss Control Tips to Keep Your Work Laptop Safe

The growing trend of staying competitive by using the mobility and freedom provided by technology can often be a double-edged sword. Although taking your show on the road to off-site business meetings is a lot more efficient and easier when everything you need to make an eye-catching presentation is right there on the laptop, the… Read more »

Tips to Combat Email Phishing Attacks

As many as one in five office workers fall prey to phishing incidents, but 14 percent of office workers don’t recognize phishing attacks. Learn more about phishing and how to combat attacks on your personal or company email. What is Phishing? Phishing is a scam that cybercriminals use to gain access to sensitive information. It… Read more »

10 Holiday Meal Kitchen Safety Tips

It’s your turn to host the family holiday meal, and you’re prepared with the menu, table decorations and updated homeowners insurance. Is your kitchen safe? Consider 10 kitchen safety tips for your holiday meal. Handle Raw Meat Properly Raw meats can spread salmonella and other bacteria if they’re handled improperly. Thaw meats in the refrigerator,… Read more »

Nine Reasons Why Employees Need A Vacation

At the end of the year, many companies encourage employees to take accrued vacation time. While you may be tempted to forfeit your earned days off, vacations are important for nine reasons. Improve Productivity You might think that working longer hours make you more productive, but longer work hours actually decrease your productivity. Take a break… Read more »

Seven Tips To Negotiate An Auto Insurance Claim

After a severe hail storm or vehicle accident, your insurance company totals your car. The settlement amount they offer is fairly low, though. Use seven tips to negotiate your auto insurance claim. Prove the Vehicle’s Worth If you can prove that your vehicle is worth more than the insurance company offers, you may get more… Read more »

What Insurance Is Right for Occasionally Used Employee Vehicles?

Jillian owns a small office supply store, and she sometimes asks her employees to make customer deliveries in their personal vehicles. She wonders if she needs to purchase a commercial auto insurance policy to cover any accidents or other related claims. Two questions help Jillian address this risk and determine what type of insurance is… Read more »

Liability Insurance Options For Your Home-based Business

Your home-based business gives you flexibility and fulfillment. However, you’re responsible for any damages you cause and any accidents that occur because of your business activities. Without the right liability insurance, you risk losing your business, home and personal assets. Evaluate your liability insurance options as you protect yourself. Examples of Home-Based Business Liabilities Every… Read more »

Protecting Your Logging Equipment

Most businesses carry some type of commercial insurance that’s designed to cover their equipment. However, what you may not realize is that commercial insurance is not always helpful when it comes to covering all of your bills. If you own a logging business, you’ve likely spent a significant portion of your budget on logging equipment…. Read more »

Auto Parts Manufacturers Importers General Liability Insurance

What is General Liability Insurance?  General liability insurance covers claims that arise when you or one of your employees injures a client or bystander or damages their property. Your employees manufacture and import non-critical auto parts. This means that they’re expected to handle auto parts, assemble them as needed, and ship them off when finished… Read more »


Although you might not be aware of it, there are far-reaching benefits to positive thinking that can improve your health and help you with stress management. According to the Mayo Clinic, studies show that the personality traits of optimism and pessimism can have a direct impact on your well-being. The good news is that, even… Read more »